The gravel bike - everything you should know
What is a gravel bike? What are the differences between this bike and a cyclocross or road bike? Do you even need a machine like this at all, or is it just an artificially driven trend? We'll try to answer these questions.
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A gravel bike - one or two derailleurs? 1x11 versus 2x11

Are you buying a gravel bike and don't know which drivetrain to choose? We’ll show you the pros and cons of 1x11 and 2x11 systems.

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The gravel bike - a short guide to drivetrains

Are you planning on buying a gravel bike, but can't decide on which drivetrain to choose? We have something for you! We give you our short guide on the most popular gravel groupsets.

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A gravel bike with a Shimano GRX or SRAM Apex groupset? We explain the differences

Shimano GRX has recently conquered the cycling world. But how does it compare to its American competitor? Discover the differences between the biggest gravel rivals!

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Shimano GRX - which version to choose for your gravel bike?
Shimano GRX is here and it looks great! But which version of the groupset should your gravel bike have? We dispel the doubts!
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A belt drive bike - will it be better for you than a chain?

Belt drive bikes are no longer an exotic curiosity, but a proven and very useful solution. Why, how and from where? We're talking about belt drivetrains.

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Planetary hub or derailleur? Which solution is better for your bike?
What's a planetary hub? Does this solution have any chance of replacing ordinary derailleur gears at all, or is it just something we use on old city bikes? We'll try to answer these questions.
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Cycling shoes - should you use SPD MTB shoes, regular tennis shoes or something else?
You've started cycling a lot and you'd like something more specialist on your feet than your shoes, but aren't sure what to choose? This is the guide you.
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