Protecting your bike - how to protect yourself from theft? U-lock, chains or something else?
How to protect yourself against bicycle theft, what bike locks are the most effective, and besides all that, what else is worth doing?
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Light city bike - does weight really matter, and if it does, what can you do to get rid of it?

When should we slim down our bike, and when is the juice worth the squeeze? Which parts are best to start with? We give you an article dealing with the weight of a city bike.

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How to choose and take care of bicycle tyres for a city bike? 7 most important rules
What's the best tire width for a city bike? Does tread matter? What’s going on if we keep getting flats over and over again? These and some of the questions we answer in this article.
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The ladies' bicycle - all the features that your ladies' city bike should have
Choosing a city bike is quite a challenge. In this article, we’ll try to give you an idea of what your ladies' city bike should have. What parts and accessories you should buy. We encourage you to read it!
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A lightweight ladies' bike - what type will be best suited for the city?
Ladies' city bike, a gravel bike, or maybe a fixed gear? What kind of bicycle will be best suited for city transport? Which one will be the lightest build?
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SPD Pedals, straps, toe clips or flats - which of the 4 systems to choose for your fixed gear bike
What kind of pedals do you need for your fixed gear? There are many possibilities. We’ll try to help you make that decision.
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Fixed gear or single speed - which bike to choose?

Bikes with a fixed gear have both supporters and opponents. Is it worth having a bike with this type of drivetrain? How does it differ from the well-known freewheel? What to look out for when buying a fixed-gear bike? How to adjust your existing frame to this type of drivetrain? This article should dispel any doubts.

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Fixed gear - how to choose the gear ratio? 6 things you need to know
How fast should you pedal? What is cadence? Will you ride faster with a bigger front sprocket? This article will dispel any doubts you have about the gearing on a fixed gear.
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