The fixed gear - history, culture and philosophy
"You can always add something to your bike, but you’ll get to a point where you can't remove anything else. And that's a fixed gear." That's what the legendary Graeme Obree once said. Sounds interesting, right? On your marks, get set, go!
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Loca Bikes recommended by Men's Health
You can read all about our bicycles in the May issue of Men's Health. The MH editorial team recommends them to everyone looking for a unique bike.
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Learn how our bikes are built

Would you like to know how our bikes are built? How are Loca Bikes different from others? In this article we will show you our entire process of bike production from 3d design to assembly and test ride.

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Loca Bikes is a Wrocław bicycle manufacturer. Since 2016, we have built several hundred personalized bikes, and we can safely say that we know quite a bit about it. As part of the blog, we want to share this knowledge and infect you with our passion for bikes. You will find numerous tips here, as well as articles on cycling culture and history.

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