Our bikes have been appreciated by Playboy, Men's Health, Esquire and many others

What do Playboy, National Geographic, Esquire, Men's Health and K Mag have in common? They all wrote about LOCA Bikes! Read this article to find out what they think of our products. 

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Customer opinions and reviews

"Much better than I expected", "Genius", "I am totally in love with my bike", "Guys at Loca Bikes did an amazing job" - these are just some of our customers' reviews. Read more in this article. 

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Rafał Gręźlikowski - a one-legged traveller who brings our bikes to their limits

Despite being a one-legged man, he went for the weight lifting where he has won the Polish and European champion for several times. The weights were not the only thing which was absorbing Rafał. He is also obsessed with cycling and is one of hardcore testers. Just recently Rafał returned from an extreme 2000km, 5,5 weeks long tour across Scotland. Read about his adventures and how our bikes handle them.

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LOCA x TRAGEDIA racing team

Loca x Tragedia is a racing team consisting of 4 riders who participate in national and international track races  and different bike messenger championships. 

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Long distance touring on a fixed gear bike? Why not!

Oskar Szwan is an engineering student and hobby bike constructor who rode Loca fixie bike from Silesia to Masuria in August 2017. Did he reach his destination without any problems? Did his fixed gear bike handle all the heavy load? Read this article to find out.

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