Customer opinions and reviews
Customer opinions and reviews

Rafał Gręźlikowski - bicycle traveler


I've got 11 European countries cycling with nights in a tent behind me. And experience with a variety of bikes in action (including a fat bike). And to my surprise - it turned out that the Peloton (Loca Bikes) is the toughest, most indestructible of them all. On a Scottish expedition consisting of 39 days of demanding, extremely mountainous terrain, and unpredictable weather - nothing broke it! I recommend Loca Bikes!

More information about Rafał's adventures can be found here.



Maciej Ryba - rider of the LOCA x Tragedy team

I used to race on a frame from one of the most renowned manufacturers, but it's the bike that’s built on a Loca Bikes frame that’s better at cornering and accelerating.

More information about the LOCA x Tragedy team can be found here.



Borys Szyc - actor

A brilliant bike, light, fast, and agile like a tiger.


Marek Paluch - a client from Kraków

I'll start with the people. After all, they are the ones who make the company. Cultured, young, full of passion and ideas. They're completely professional, fast, and friendly. When you talk to the owner, it feels like you're talking to a buddy. Nobody plays "director". You'll get the help you need and answers to even the strangest questions. Now a bit about their bikes:

You pay for what it was you saw in your mind, and then it becomes a reality.

You can be certain that your bike will be a one of a kind, made just for you, the only one in the world! Aluminum frames, durable paintwork, quality parts, light weight, reasonable price. It was from Loca Bikes that I bought my white and blue arrow :) This is my first bike without a cassette, and a crankset with multiple chainrings. I'm rediscovering cycling. Thanks, Alex, thanks, guys!



Jessica Mercedes - a fashion blogger

I was most surprised by the low weight and acceleration.


Daniel Szolc - a client from Wrocław

I can compare my experience with a Loca Bikes bike to riding a SUBARU. Great excitement, and you can't wait to get back on it again. The bike also performs surprisingly well outside the city


Michał Wasiński - a client from Katowice

Professionally done. The bike goes without any problems. I recommend Loca Bikes to everybody.


Magda Galik - a client from Wrocław

LOCA BIKES is a team of nice guys who literally make our dreams come true. Nothing is impossible for them. Their bikes are unique, incredibly light, quick, and refined to the last, smallest detail. My adventure with LOCA BIKES started rather accidentally (I’d wanted to buy an ordinary MTB bike) but ended up, with love at first sight, buying a personalized bike that looks like a single speed :-). If anyone has any concerns that a bike without derailleur gears will not be suitable for everyday riding in the city (and not only the city), then I dispel those concerns in an instant. The steep ramps in the city aren’t an issue for me :-). And an extra, priceless bonus of owning a bike of this brand is seeing the smile on the faces of literally everyone I’m passing by. Thank you guys for giving me the huge dose of positive energy I'm getting from everyone, all thanks to owning this beautiful LOCA BIKES bike :-D!! I highly recommend Loca Bikes to everyone!!!!


Leszek Siennicki - klient z Poznania

I felt the incredible passion of these guys, the commitment that they show at every stage of production.


Łukasz Nieśpielak – a client from Warsaw

After buying a bike, I ride it (almost) every day to work depending on the weather (and at weekends). It works on 5+ - it’s a really fast bike ;-)


Igor Białorucki - a client from Warsaw

Loca Bikes are great bikes and a team that’s equally as good. Together, they created a brilliant bike for me. Beautiful, and fantastic for city riding. I hope there will be more of these on our streets!

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