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Long distance touring on a fixed gear bike? Why not!

Oskar Szwan is an engineering student and hobby bike constructor who won the KOKOS prize in the "Commercial hit" category for his unique project of a folded fixie bike. He is also a happy owner of a bottle green fixed gear Loca bike.  

In August 2017 Oskar started a bike tour in Silesia and wanted to reach Masuria to sail a bit. The tour took 9 days and was 510km long. Despite lot of load and partially rough terrain Oskar reached his destination with no problems at all.

This is how he described his experience with the Loca fixie:

"My Loca bike was a perfect companion for my adventure. Despite having only one gear (front 46T, rear 16T) I felt pretty comfortable and needed to get off the bike and push it uphill only once. And it was just because of the heavy load that the bike was carrying.  I was the most surprised just by how quiet, simple, light and reliable this bike is. I could go fast and didn't need to worry about anything. I can't wait to ride it much faster in a city when I'm back and find more time. It is so much fun:)".

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