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Our men's city bikes are created for those who are looking for a versatile, comfortable, and stylish bike for effective riding around the city and out of town. Loca city bikes are light - weighing 5 to 7kg less than most models available on the market, which makes riding them less effort and more fun.

A drivetrain consisting of a chain or a Gates Carbon Drive and a trouble-free, multi-speed Shimano Nexus 8 hub or an Alfine 11 allows you to choose the right gear in every situation. It allows you to reach speeds that are out of the reach of typical men's city bikes, comfortably move off and ride up steep hills.

Above all, such a set-up ensures complete maintenance-free and trouble-free operation, keeping the need to service your bike at an absolute minimum.

Apart from the trouble-free operation of our men's city bikes, customers also appreciate the comfort and versatility they offer.

Each men's city bike from Loca is fitted with 700x38C or even 700x45c tires that have great damping abilities and come equipped with anti-puncture inserts. If you want, you can add a suspension seatpost, bright LED lights, high-quality fenders, chain guard, kickstand, and a front or rear rack. Our men's city bikes can also be equipped with a lightweight, adjustable stem that allows you to quickly change from an aerodynamic to a more upright and comfortable position.

Thanks to the wide tires and the possibility of installing full-length fenders or racks, our men's city bikes may only be city by name. Many of our customers who own such bikes travel thousands of kilometers outside the city every year, winding through forests, fields, and over gentle mountainous terrain. Let the best proof of this be the achievements of bike traveller Rafał Gręźlikowski on one of our men's city bikes.

In our range of men's city bikes, it is in vain to look for a front suspension, and this is because we think it isn't necessary.

The roughness that we usually have to deal with when riding in the city or on moderate terrain is dampened by our 4 cm wide tires. The absence of a suspension fork saves us from any additional maintenance and repairs, and above all translates into a lighter bike, shaving off at least 1.5 kg from the total weight. Your energy will also not be unnecessarily absorbed by the suspension fork when sprinting and climbing.

Each Loca men's city bike is one-of-a-kind because it is built and painted by hand. The frame and fork are our canvas. We build up our frames with three layers of paint, which not only makes them look phenomenal but makes them very resistant to mechanical damage.

Our men's city bikes are made to order. This means that the final look and configuration of the bike is up to you. Just look at the models presented below, and you will see that almost anything is possible. Using our universal frame as the heart, we can build a light and rapid men’s city bike, a comfortable cruiser with a high-set handlebar and wide saddle, or even a semi cyclocross bike with off-road tires and drop handlebars.

Quality is of the utmost importance to us. That's why we use only the highest quality parts in the construction of our men's city bikes, such as the new generation Shimano Alfine 11 or Nexus 8 derailleur gears, Gates carbon drive belts, Novatec hubs with cartridge bearings, Tange headsets, Continental tires, Brooks English saddles, and Black Sapim Leader spokes. For each men's city bike from Loca, you have a 5-year warranty on the frames and a 2-year warranty on all other parts except for consumable components that are prone to wear and tear, such as tires or inner tubes.

When you open the box containing your man's city bike from Loca, you will see that it is already 90% assembled. All you have to do is set the handlebars in the right position, install the front wheel, screw in the pedals, and get ready for the lap of honor that awaits.