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Fixed gear / single speed

Our fixed gear and single speed bikes are created by hand in Wroclaw for people who are looking for a light, maneuverable and solid bike for the city. You can choose one of the models presented below or commission us to make a fully personalized single speed or fixed gear bike. You always decide on the final appearance of the bicycle and the parts used with Loca Bikes.

On each bike’s page, you can choose an aluminum or carbon fork and many accessories such as a crankset with a Hollowtech 2 axle, a folding fender, bell, or lights. If you have any other needs regarding the technical configuration of your fixed gear or single speed, just contact us. We work with many manufacturers and wholesalers, that gives us many possibilities, and we guarantee low prices for parts.

This also applies to the painting and design of the bicycle. Thanks to our experience and facilities, we are able to realize most of our clients' ideas without or with only minimal impact on the price of the bike. The frames for our fixed gears and single speeds are powder coated or wet painted depending on the design, which guarantees a mesmerizing look and high resistance to mechanical damage.

We believe that a bike is only as good as its worst component. That’s why each part of the fixed gears and single speeds from Loca has been carefully selected. Frames, forks, cranksets, and rims are manufactured by renowned manufacturers, specially ordered by Loca Bikes. The frame geometry with relatively sharp angles, short wheelbase, and short headtube has been carefully designed by us to allow maneuverability and the high responsivenessto steering steering and crank movements. The heart of every fixed gear and single speed bike is a triple-butted aluminum frame with smoothed welds and integrated chain tensioners.

Other components are also made of butted aluminum or lightweight Cro-Mo steel, owing to which our fixed gears and single speeds weigh only 8.5 kg to 9.5 kg depending on the size of the frame.

The quality of our bikes is absolutely crucial to us, and that is why we create our bikes using modern tools and high-quality parts, such as the Miche cranksets, Tange headsets, or Sapim Leader Black spokes. If this doesn't convince you, we recommend visiting the "Opinions" tab on our website. You will read, among others, about the Loca x Tragedia racing team, a team of riders that race on fixed gears built with our frames.

For each fixed gear bike from Loca, you have a 5-year warranty on the frames and a 2-year warranty on all other parts except for consumable components that are prone to wear and tear, such as tires or inner tubes.

Let us know what you need, and we'll be happy to talk about the solutions. Of course, in addition to the technical configuration, we can also do custom painting. More often than not, a color change or any reasonably simple design (i.e single color + lettering) is included in the price of the bike.

When you open the box containing your fixed gear bike from Loca, you will see that it is already 90% assembled. All you have to do is set the handlebars in the right position, install the front wheel, screw in the pedals, and get ready for the lap of honor that awaits.