my name is Alex
Alex Zemke
I fell in love with bikes in 1992, when I got my first BMX from my parents. It was An American Rider brand with this unforgettable Velcro-like foam fixed to the top tube of the frame. On this bike I quickly learned how to ride and it suffered from my first trick trials! In order to stay out of trouble with my parents each time my bike broke - I started fixing it myself, simultaneously learning its every nut and bolt. From then on I was taken by the cycling world, inspired by such figures as Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist and Matt Hoffman.
Nowdays I try to cycle at every possible opportunity. Throughout the last 15 years I have ridden a few thousand miles in my city which taught me well which features are crucial for a city bike and making urban cycling truly enjoyable. From my point of view, a perfect city bike needs to be light, fast and have a sport geometry which makes manoeuvrability and accelerating easy. It also needs to feature top quality components which guarantee durability and a great riding experience. I founded LOCA BIKES to build exactly such bikes - to combine a perfected design with an enjoyable ride. So enjoyable that riding them will become a powerful habit. Why? Because I know that a cyclist stands for a happy man, and the more cyclists in the streets the healthier we and the enviroment become.

Karol Mirowski
Chief mechanic
Jakub Burzyński
Production support
Tadek Ciechanowski
Chief Designer
Matylda Zawadzka
Website designer