Alex is a bike enthusiast who spent most of his career as a producer and design lead in the video game industry. After having produced over a dozen successfull games Alex decided to start his own bike company and promote bicycle culture by crafting bikes that make their owners feel special.


Chief Graphic designer

Rafał has always dreamed of becoming a Mexican wrestler, but he had problems growing enough muscles so he ended up being a graphic designer and illustrator. Rafał has helped developing Loca Bikes from day 1 and his current role is far beyond designing unique cycles. He also handles many business and marketing tasks.


Product manager

Kuba is a philisopher, not too popular one though. Long story short, he rather sees the glass half full and reads between the lines. He's an English phililogy graduate and teaches English when he's not working on bikes. He likes beautiful things and design and very quickly became a core member of the Loca Bikes family.


Branding & Website designer

Matylda is an acclaimed graphic designer and illustrator based in Barcelona. She has been engaged in Loca Bikes from the very beginning and is responsible for the company's branding, website appearance and design of some of the bicycles. Go ahead and see Matylda's work.


PR Specialist

Charisma, charisma and charisma. You know, it's hard not to like Kamil or not to laugh when he's talking. He talks a lot, or even more, but luckily  everyone likes to listen to him. He's studying to become a neurologist and is helping us with all the PR related topics.


3d artist

Ensar is our man in Croatia. We didn't employ him just to have a great holiday spot though. Ensar is a 3d artist who is passionate about creating photorealistic renderings. He will be preparing 3d visualizations for you and making sure they are just as close to your real bike as only possible. Ensar is not only into 3d design. He has just recently got his Master's degree in Sociology.