LOCA w naszej nazwie nawiązuje do słowa local. Dlaczego postanowiliśmy tworzyć lokalnie?
Loca in our name refers to the word local. Why did we decide to create bikes locally?

The idea for this article came naturally. It is, after all, a direct consequence of our activities, particularly those over the last year. From the very beginning, the local character has been one of our key values. The projects for new frames have always been created locally, as have all our designs. The paint jobs are  the result of cooperation between our graphic designer, Tadek, and Wroclaw paint shops.

After designing, manufacturing and painting the frame, it is time for the components - here, too, we try to use Polish solutions. At the very end, the bike is assembled - this part of the process is carried out on-site at our headquarters.

As you can see, most of the production stages take place in our country.

What Polish products can you find in our offer?

At the moment, among the novelties in our offer you will find, for example, a steel gravel bike, created in cooperation with Kamil from Kajak Custom - an expert craftsman, who creates custom steel frames in the heart of the Beskid Mountains.

Meanwhile, our flagship model, the aluminium gravel bike, as well as our city bikes have undergone quite an evolution.

We have successfully relocated the production of all aluminium frames to Poland. The wheels are also made locally, by our friends from Wojczal Bikes, the thru-axles are made by BB Components from Częstochowa, and the beautiful wet painting is invariably the responsibility of Mikołaj and his Dreamworkers paint shop from Wrocław.

Why do we want to produce in Poland?

Wait a minute, it would be cheaper abroad, and production in Poland means a ton of additional costs! Definitely yes, but at the same time it is followed by:

Supporting Polish companies

By focusing our business around local solutions, we can support other Polish businesses that create products close to our heart. Thanks to this, we can contribute to the creation of a kind of ecosystem and together with other local companies develop the Polish bicycle industry.

Process control

Relocation of production to our country has allowed us to manage the whole process much better. We travel less than 200 km to the factory of our aluminium frames. There is therefore no problem to discuss a new design in person or making the necessary adjustments, and the proximity, as well as the partner relationship, allow us to effectively launch new products on the market and improve existing ones. For example, the introduction of a new generation of our city frames with specially designed dropouts was made possible precisely thanks to our close cooperation with our factory in Ziemięcice near Gliwice.

Cooperation with local suppliers allows us to significantly reduce the risk of delays related to logistics and transport. This is extremely important, as COVID and the war in Ukraine caused the breakdown of supply chains and consequently many months of delays in supplying bikes and parts to many manufacturers.

Loca Bikes - gravel bikes and city bikes in Warsaw and Wroclaw

Also when it comes to customer contact, we try to operate regionally. In recent weeks we have been working on opening a new place on the cycling map of the Polish capital. We are proud to say that recently, in addition to Wrocław, you can also find our bikes at Saska Kępa, near the Bicyckleta service. You can try out every model of our bikes there. You can also discuss the configuration and place an order with the help of our colleague Piotr.

Thanks to the fact that the new location is only 350 kilometres away from our headquarters, we can still keep a close eye on the whole process, and new customers have the best possible communication.

You can read more about the new place here.

Reducing our environmental impact

Finally, we come to a value that has been with our company practically from the beginning - that is, consideration of our environment. Encouraging more people to switch to bicycles has always been our goal. However, production itself undoubtedly generates a lot of waste and pollution.

By relocating as much manufacturing as possible within our own country and within the European Union, we can reduce the price paid to the environment by long-distance deliveries or inadequate waste management. In this way, we aim to minimise the amount of pollution generated by our activities, in line with the value that a bicycle has to be eco!

Local production also means that we can be sure that our employees are paid in accordance with European standards.

Loca Bikes = local

Moving our production to such a large extent to Poland also means strengthening our contact with the local community - it allows us to establish a deeper relationship with both the manufacturers, subcontractors and you, our customers.

This allows us to control our growth in a much more responsible way, strengthen our brand and above all, offer you the best quality products.

Recent years have convinced us that local activity makes sense and definitely pays off - especially in such a community-based industry as cycling.

If you would like to see our gravel bikes or city bikes in Warsaw, you are more than welcome to contact Piotr at: 571 442 337. We still invite all people from Wroclaw and the surrounding area to visit our showroom and company headquarters at Redarów 28. We are waiting for you from Monday to Friday!


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