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LOCA x TRAGEDIA racing team

Tragedia Breslau is Poland's prime fixed gear community with hundreds of members. It organizes the Polish Bike Messanger Championships and numerous alley cats and track races.  Since June 2017 Loca Bikes has been sponsoring 4 best Tragedia riders who ride Loca Bikes and take part in different Polish and international championships.

Loca x Tragedia Breslau riders did really well during the Polish Cycle Messenger Championships in August 2017 in Warsaw.  Maciek Ryba won the uphill race and got the second place in the main criterium race. Wojtek Wołodkiewicz finished  4th in the criterium race  and 8th in the main race, Chris Henkelman was the fifth rider in the criterium race and 9th in the main race. We see the results as very good since the competition was very strong and almost 100 riders competed in most categories. 

Regarding the racing team bikes that were built based on Loca Bikes frames - their weight depending on frame size was between 7 and 7,5kg. What riders like the most about their bikes and frames are their stiffness, low weight, exceptional power transmission and very good handling in corners. 

Here are some pictures from the PCMC 2017 in Warsaw:

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