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Our ladies’ city bikes are made for women who are looking for a trouble-free, light, comfortable, and versatile city bike. At Loca Bikes, every bicycle is made to order, built, and painted by hand so we can fully tailor the look and configuration to your needs.

It is not only the unique look that makes the ladies’ city bikes from Loca stand out. It is down to the production of our bicycles too. We pay attention to the smallest of details and choose the right combination of components in such a way as to ensure maximum comfort, reliability, and pure pleasure when riding our bicycles..

The Shimano Nexus 8 multi-speed hubs that we use allow you to change gears even when you are stationary. By combining a 20T sprocket at the back and a 44T chainring at the front, you will always be able to find the right gear you need, and you'll easily be able to sprint and reach speeds above and beyond the reach of typical city bikes..

However, it is not only the well-configured drivetrain that is responsible for how you ride our ladies’ city bikes, but it is also primarily due to their low weight. A Loca women's city bike weighs only from 11 to 13 kg, depending on the size of the frame, and that is up to 5-7 kg less than that of popular Dutch bikes.

We realize that besides the low weight of our ladies’ city bikes, good rideability, convenience, reliability, and versatility are also key. Comfort is provided by a comfortable Velo or Brooks saddle, ergonomic grips/handlebars and an adjustable stem that allows you to choose the ideal body position for you.

The ladies’ city bikes from Loca are reliable thanks to a singlespeed belt or chain drivetrain, thick 700x38C tires with additional puncture protection and parts only from reputable manufacturers such as Shimano, Brooks, Sapim, Tange, Continental or Schwalbe. Versatility and resistance to mixed weather conditions are guaranteed by strong LED lights, high-quality fenders, a chain guard, an adjustable kickstand, bell, and durable front or rear rack.

In our range of ladies’ city bikes, it is in vain to look for a front suspension, and this is because we think it isn't necessary.The uneven surfaces that we usually have to deal with when cycling in the city or on moderate terrain are dampened by the wide tires we use. The absence of a suspension frees us from the need for its maintenance and repairs, and above all translates into a much lighter bike, shaving at least 1.5 kg off the total weight. Your energy will also not be unnecessary absorbed by the suspension fork when sprinting and climbing

For each ladies' city bike from Loca, you have a 5-year warranty on the frames and a 2-year warranty on all other parts except for consumable components that are prone to wear and tear, such as tires or inner tubes.

When you open the box containing your ladies' city bike from Loca, you will see that it is already 90% assembled. All you have to do is set the handlebars in the right position, install the front wheel, screw in the pedals, and get ready for the lap of honor that awaits.